• An opportunity to meet others in your community and together increase your knowledge & deepen your understanding, to consciously notice & tap into the many benefits of kindness for yourself, your family and friends and our community at large - Frances
  • It made me feel better seeing people happy – Karlia
  • I really enjoyed my time volunteering. I had a lady come in who was very grateful for me to have the time to sit and chat and listen to her – Kim
  • It’s not always easy to do kindness – it pushes you outside your comfort zone but almost always worth it – Amanda
  • I learnt a lot about the variety of ways we could be kind. I used to think you could only be kind with words and now I have more ideas. I am now going to run a workshop at the library open to 8 -15 olds - Ty
  • We heard heartfelt expressions of what people will do to continue to invest in kindness, including some tears - Hosts of the Challenge